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November 09th, 2017

The Tanzanian  government plans to inject more than 300 billion to open up the Southern Tourism Circuit in effort to expand geographical coverage of local attractions.

90 percent of the Tanzanian tourism industry pivots in the Northern Circuit; Serengeti, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater. However the Southern Circuit not only has the country’s largest National Park, Ruaha, but also the Udzungwa range of mountains whose forest cover has more variety of tree species than the Amazon Forest.

The country’s vision to record 2.2 million tourists annually can only be achieved through diversification of products, including opening up more areas through widening geographical coverage, improving ground services and speeding up the process of issuing tourism visas at entry points.

Currently the country receives around 1.2 million tourists per year and almost all of these end up in the Northern Circuit where sometimes eight tourist vehicles gather at one spot for the occupants to get a glimpse of a single lion but in Ruaha National Park, a single tourist will be surrounded by more than eight lions for his viewing pleasure.

The country needs to seriously open up and support tourism industry down south in order to diversify the industry and its geographical coverage.

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