Zanzibar Excursions

Excursion Descriptions:

Historical Stone Town Tour - 3 Hours

This is a wonderful introduction to Zanzibar and gives you a feeling of the rich cultural heritage. One gets a comprehensive view, history and walk of the Stone Town, magnificent architecture, narrow alleys, sand and stone ancient built houses where some of them are over 200 years old and have Arab/Indian carved doors. The tour starts at the main city market which was opened in 1904, where tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and fresh fish from the island are sold.

Our next stop is the Anglican Church of Christ which was built by Bishop Steers in 1873 on the site where slaves used to be auctioned.

Other highlights on the historical stone town tour are visits to:

Sultan’s Palace Museum - Built in the late 1890's for members of the Sultan's family
House of Wonders - Built in 1883 as a Royal Ceremonial Function Palace.
The Africa House - Formerly the English Club.
Forodhani Park - Where you can spend your evenings leisurely watching the brilliant sunset while sipping freshly squeezed sugarcane juice or enjoy charcoal barbeques and locally made dishes.
The Old Fort - Built by Arabs for defense against the Portuguese.

Spice Tours - 3 Hours

Its primary objective is to give you a complete picture as to why this beautiful island is known as "The Spice Island"

Our tour starts with a drive through a profusion of greenery in the countryside seeing, smelling and tasting a variety of spices and mouthwatering tropical seasonal fruits such as jack fruit, pineapple, banana, green coconut juice, dourian, love apple, litche, soursop etc. Spices such as cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, nutmeg - are as exotic as their flavors.
A full tour involves much more than spices and you will also have a chance to see the iodine plant, hyena bush, ylang-ylang, the lipstick tree, cocoa, and coffee bean trees.

The tour also includes a visit to:

Kidichi Persian Baths - built in 1850 by Seyyid Said bin Sultan for his Persian wife Princess Sheherezade granddaughter of the Shah of Persia
Maruhubi Palace Ruins - built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar Seyyid Barghash for his 99 concubines.
Dr Livingstone House - built in 1860 for Sultan Majid. Dr David Livingstone lived here before commencing on his last journey to the mainland interior.

Sunset Dhow Cruise - 1630hrs - 1900hrs

This tour starts from the shore of Stone Town two hours before sunset. After you step onboard the vessel, the skilled crew on board take the dhow away from the shore by means of an engine, once out in the sea the engine is shut off and during a tense moment the skillful crew put up the sail, once the sail is in favor of the wind, the guest can sit back, relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean as you hear the ripple of water on the sides of the dhow as it glides swiftly through the clear turquoise water.

One can savor a glass of chilled wine, cocktail, beer or juice as you watch the magnificent Stone Town shore line as you glide by silently.

Your breath will be taken away by the wonder of the fiery golden-sun setting beyond the horizon as it makes the sky a magical canvas of shades of pinks, purples, blues and orange. As you head back for stone town the wind gently blows into the lateen sail which is truly mesmerizing.

Jozani Forest Tour - 3 Hours

Jozani Forest lies 35kms South-East of Zanzibar Town with an area of about 1,000 hectares, it is the only remaining natural forest on Unguja Island where long ago you could find leopards and antelopes. At present it is the habitat for the Red Colobus Monkeys (Colobus Badius Kirkii) and the Blue Sykes Monkey. The Red Colobus monkey is one of the most endangered and rarest species on the planet. The Red Colobus monkey that are found in this Forest are very friendly and love to be photographed and can be viewed at close quarters with the help of your guide.

Other interesting features in this forest include the coastal evergreen bushland, mangrove forest, saline grassland and ground water forest, though these may require longer walks to reach.

Prison Island Tour - 3 - 6 Hours

Prison Island or Changuu Island is the middle island of the three visible from the Stone Town. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get there by boat. The prison which was never used on this island was built in 1893, but was later used as a Quarantine Hospital.

Apart from the Prison ruins you will also see the enormous giant tortoises which are the main attraction of the island. The tortoises were brought on the island from Seychelles by Sultan Said Majid in the 1820's. On this little paradise one can also swim, snorkel, sunbathe or just relax on the beach and enjoy the peacefulness that this small beautiful island has to offer.

Dolphin Tour - 6 Hours

The drive from town to Kizimkazi a small village at the Southern point of the island takes one hour. The surface of the Kizimkazi channel is broken by the skimming arcs of wild bottle-nosed dolphins, here you are taken by boat powered by an outboard engine into the sea to see the dolphins and if lucky will be able to swim quite close to them as they are very friendly and playful.

Snorkelling will also be part of this tour (snorkeling equipment can be hired at the site). Kizimkazi is also the site of a 12th Century Mosque, the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa. The return trip includes a visit of this Mosque which still contains the famous Kufic scripts in its walls.


*Lunch is not included in this tour but can be obtained at the site.
*Dolphins at Kizimkazi are wild but there is an 85% of seeing the dolphins.
*Remember to take your towel, shorts and swim wear when you take this tour. You will have to wade in the water to get into the wooden boat.

Nungwi Tour - Full day

Nungwi is located at the North tip of Zanzibar Island, 1 hour 15 minutes’ drive from the Stone Town. Nungwi has crystal clear waters, an excellent place for diving, snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. This trip leads you through the Mangapwani cave which is a 30 minutes’ drive from Zanzibar town. Up to 1911 the cave was a secret hide out from which slaves were kept illegally then transported by dhow, after the official closure of the Slave Market in June 1873.

You will then proceed to Nungwi which is an hour’s drive from the cave.

Other highlights of this tour are:

*Visit a site where local villagers build dhows and boats using traditional tools.
*Visit the natural turtle aquarium.
*Visit villages.
*Swimming & Sunbath.

Safari Blue - Full day

After breakfast we will drive you to Fumba Village to the South-West of Zanzibar (25 minutes drive from the Stone Town) where you will board a dhow with other guests to experience the beautiful Minai Bay Conservation Area and enjoy the tranquility of cruising by sail in one of the traditional hand built wooden dhows. Get a chance to see the dolphins, swim at one of the pristine sandbanks, visit the islets and snorkel at the coral reefs.

The Safari Blue trip includes the use of snorkeling equipment with guides and instructors, ice cold sodas, mineral water and beer. You will also enjoy a legendary sea food barbeque which includes fish, calamari & slipper lobster served hot from the grill. Seasonal fresh fruits, halua & coffee will also be served. During the trip you will get a chance to join the crew on a thrilling ride in a ngalawa – a local outrigger canoe carved from a single mango tree. When the tide is high you will also explore the mangrove lagoon hidden inside Kwale Island, where you will get a chance to swim in this lagoon. We round the day off by returning to Fumba by a traditional lateen sail where your vehicle will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.

It is advisable to take swim wear, towel, water resistant bag (for camera and other valuables), sunscreen and a hat.

Mnemba Atoll Snorkeling Trip

Mnemba Atoll is a Marine Conservation Area located in the North-Eastern tip of the Zanzibar island, relatively sheltered from the winds and currents which has good visibility ranging from 15m – 30m, off erring a unique opportunity to both divers and snorkelers. Visitors will interact with the splendid marine mammals in a natural and spontaneous environment.

In the morning, you will be picked-up at your hotel and transferred to Nungwi where you will board in your private dhow to explore this stunning coral atoll and experience the best of Zanzibar’s underwater world. After snorkeling you will head to a beach on the Zanzibar main island where you will be offered refreshments followed by lunch. Grilled fish, rice, calamari, fruits, soft drinks, mineral water and beer will be served. In the afternoon you can either sunbath, swim or just relax on the beach then later return by dhow to Nungwi where our driver will be ready to transfer you to your hotel.

It is advisable to take swim wear, towel, water resistant bag (for camera and other valuables), sunscreen and a hat.

Cultural Tour - Full day

This is a full day trip that will give you a great opportunity to visit different parts of the island and experience real insight of Zanzibar’s cultural evolution, history, activities, behavior, cuisine, arts, belief and other product of human works and thought.

You will get a chance to experience how local dishes are cooked using various kinds of spices and coconut milk that will give you a superb flavor and taste.

This tour will also include a visit to:
*Local fish market where fresh fish is being auctioned and sold.
*Traditional dhow’s construction site.
*A typical local Zanzibari village where you will see daily activities undertaken by the villagers.
*The natural turtle aquarium.
*One of the local schools

Prison Island & Sand Bank Tour - 0930hrs - 1530hrs

This tour starts from the shore of the Stone Town where you depart in a Swahili dhow for Prison Island to visit the ruins and giant tortoises.

You will then sail to Pange Island (Sand bank), this nowhere island is covered twice a day by high tide. This astonishing white sandy bank is surrounded by clear crystalline warm water, an ideal place to relax with only the sound of the waves as they lightly crash and disappear at the edges of the bank and few sea birds that come to catch the tiny ghost crabs that roam the sandbank.

Snorkeling is not to be missed as you will discover the treasures of the coral reef beneath the ocean. During this trip you will be offered a variety of local fresh fruits, beverages, snacks, lunch buffet of Swahili cuisine, Italian cheese, soft drinks and white wine.

Whilst staying in Zanzibar all Guests will be charged the “Infrastructure Tax” imposed by the Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB). The amount is USD 1 per person per day and will be charged directly by the Hotel. The tax is applicable to both adults and children.