From Me To We

We partner with One Horizon, a humanitarian organization which operates over 20 rescue and rehabilitation centers in and around Nairobi. They do a great job in transforming the lives of many in deprived communities. From looking after orphaned and abandoned children, they also provide meals for over 2,000 children on a daily basis. In addition, they support small sustainable business initiatives for women aiming to provide them with an income to support themselves.

Our CSR Program involves active participation through regular visits to these centers. We provide support in terms of donations, as well as visiting some of the One Horizon Centers, with the aim of impacting the lives of these young stars who have a bright future ahead of them.

Hemingways Expeditions and One Horizon have partnered to better the lives of the communities around the One Horizon Centers across Nairobi by giving you the opportunity to give back to society; visiting the beautiful communities and places that the average traveler just isn't able to access. This partnership is designed to negate those factors that contribute to the poverty cycle in these communities.

It is vital for our company to contribute strongly to the communities in which we work, particularly those who are disadvantaged, and we look forward to you taking part in the 'From Me To We' campaign.